TokenTuber Airdrop

☢️ TokenTuber Airdrop
Ⓜ️ Reward : 100 TUBER ($10) Instantly
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✅ 10 Quiz Answer Below:
1 = (B) False
2 = (A) True
3 = (A) Please provide your ERC20 address and private key,we will give you an airdrop based on the amount of Ethereum in your address.
4 = (C) Write your private key down on paper and store it in a place you know is secure.
5 = (B) USDT will not be lost
6 = (C) As long as the assets come from the same token contract, the transfer will succed.
7 =(D) Always lower transation costs than centralized exchange
8 =(A) Dapps must issue new tokens.
9 =(A) transation fees and block rewards.
10 =(B)The reawrd block miners earn will be reduced by half.

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